Rental Property Lease Agreements

Never Use One You Found Online

Lease agreements are difficult to create on your own, let our experienced property managers & real estate attorneys help to protect your investment.

Creating lease agreements can be difficult for even very experienced landlords. This is because with each new property comes specific clauses that need to be included in the lease agreement or else you may be vulnerable to be taken advantage of by tenants in the future.

Our property managers are also real estate attorneys who have been helping landlords with purchase agreements, leases, and solving other tenant issues for over 30 years each.

In that time they have created countless custom lease agreements to protect the owner’s investment at every turn.

Never use a lease you found online. Each state has its own laws when it comes to renting out your property and your lease must comply with them.

Typically, the leases you will find online are very broad and generic. This opens the door to future vulnerabilities and limits your power.

As our property managers work to protect your interests at every turn, we draft custom leases per property to better suit your needs and protect your interests.

Residential Rental Lease Agreements in Redford & Livonia Michigan | Halo Property Management

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Our Property Managers have been managing properties for over 30 years now.

They are also real estate lawyers with over 30 years experience practicing real estate law.

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September 26, 2013
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"If, within the first 6 months, we need to evict a tenant(s) that our property managers selected for your property - We'll pay the court costs."