tenant background checks in Redford, Livonia, & Southeastern Michigan

Background Checks

Background checks are not an option with us, we will screen each applicant before placing them in your property. This service comes at no cost to you.

Michigan - Property Needing Maintenance in Redford

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is inevitable, that’s why you need a property management company who utilizes the services of trusted contractors.

Michigan Property Managers | Rent Collection for Landlords in Redford & Livonia Michigan - Property Management Company

Rent Collection

Collecting the monthly rent and sending you your monthly disbursement check is of the utmost importance to us. See how our property managers make your life easier.

Redford property manager eviction notice

Tenant Evictions

A lot of our landlords come to us with tenants that need to evicted from their property. Evictions can be very complicated and time consuming. See how we help.

Lease Rental Agreement Redford & Livonia Michigan

Lease Agreements

Never trust a lease agreement you get off the internet. Our property managers are also real estate attorneys and will draft lease agreements that are specific for your property.

Michigan Property Management Company  Marketing Services | Redford & Livonia

Property Marketing

Getting prospective tenants to rent your property is the first step to collecting the monthly rent. Our property managers know how to market properties to get them rented.

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